Music Recording and Production classes

Ableton Live and Pro Tools Courses


You want to record, mix, and produce quality music. But to get better at it, you need to fill in the gaps in your knowledge and skills. Maybe you have the software, but you may lack the time or money to enroll in a recording college. If so, then I think that The Online Audio School is what you’ve been looking for. Improve your skills quickly, working with an experienced teacher and engineer. There are beginning and advanced Ableton Live and Pro Tools courses, as well as private lessons that can cover nearly anything.

At The Online Audio School, I combine video lectures with interactive, live  webcasts: streaming audio and video right to your desktop. You ask a question, you get an answer immediately, just like in a real classroom. Have a question about Pro Tools (or anything else)  in between classes? Email me for a quick response. Need me to listen to and make suggestions on a track? Send it to me.

Pro Tools Courses cover in-depth:  signal routing, editing, automation, mixing,  key commands, file management, instruments/effects, gear setup, and more. You’ll get downloadable sessions to work along with your instructor. Have something else you’d like to learn? Just ask. That’s what live classes are for!

Ableton Courses cover: the basic interface, the genius of Session view, automation, arranging, instruments/effects, basic mastering, DJing live, Ableton for guitarists, and anything else you can think of (just ask!). We’ll be making a track from the ground up, together as a class, and prepping it for live performance.

Private Production Lessons can cover anything you like, including mixing and mastering of your tracks (which you can send me). I can work with Pro Tools, Ableton, Reason, Digital Performer, Logic, Reaper, Waveburner, Garageband, Wavelab, Native Instruments, Waves, Melodyne, and more.

I’ve taught studio engineering and Pro Tools courses to hundreds of engineers and musicians, both online and at some of the best recording colleges in the U.S. From complete beginners, all the way platinum producers and recording artists. Classes are starting soon, and there is a cap on the number of students I will enroll, so don’t wait too long to sign up. I’ll even do a free trial if you’d like, so we can meet each other in a live online classroom and you can see how all this works.  

Visit the Courses page for dates, prices, and registration, or email me if you have any questions whatsoever.

See you in class,



Daniel Rowland

Bachelor of Science in Music Technology, University of North Carolina at Asheville
Master’s of Fine Arts in Recording Arts and Technology, Middle Tennessee State University
Lead Engineer/Pro Tools Op/Guitar Tech, StudioBelew/Adrian Belew