Autotune 7

On October 24, 2010, in Music Technology, by Daniel Rowland

Ok, so Autotune 7 is out. I think Antares had fallen a little behind when it comes to the usability and interface of Autotune. Especially when products like Melodyne have been around for years, presenting a familiar way of editing (MIDI style piano roll), as well as the ability to manipulate timing of audio, as well as pitch. Having said that,  Autotune 6 introduced a note overlay, similar to  Waves Tune.

Autotune 7 is further move in that direction. There are a number of changes, one of the biggest being the ability to alter time independent of pitch, and actually see the result relative to the unprocessed audio (a handy little display, to be sure). Check it out!

From their site:

“Learn all about Auto-Tune 7, download a fully functional 10 day trial version (iLok USB smartkey and account required), then pick up your own copy at yourAntares dealer or our online store.”

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