Avid Pro Tools 10 Release

On October 7, 2011, in Music Technology, ProTools Tutorials, by Daniel Rowland

Pro Tools 10 (?).

You know it’s coming. Yes, Pro Tools 9 had a few cool features, but it was really more about unlocking previously withheld features that it was about giving us anything new and exciting. Support for Coreaudio was the big one, the rest being things like multitrack Beat Detective, delay compensation, increased voice count, mp3  bounce, etc. The other big thing about Pro Tools 9 was that is was the official rebranding of Pro Tools as an Avid product, as opposed to Digidesign.

So that brings us to Pro Tools 10. It’s no surprise that the turnaround between Pro Tools 9 and Pro Tools 10 is going to be fairly short. I’m wondering if this well be unveiled at AES New York at the end of October–though I have a feeling it may not be announced until early next year. The video below gives some interesting insights into new features. These include:

– Dynamic clip based gain (finally!)

– Loading sessions into RAM for faster performance

– Real-time fades

– Avid ISIS Support (streaming of shared storage)

In addition, there’s been plenty of speculation about other new features, from 64 bit support (undoubtedly), to a much needed freeze tracks feature, to offline bounce, to track folders, and more. 

As always, I’ll wait to get the update a few months after it actually comes out. I prefer to let others work out the bugs in .0 software, while I actually get stuff done. 😉 



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