Pro Tools 10 New Features: Clip-based gain.

One of the best new features in Pro Tools 10 is real-time clip based gain. This affects the normal Pro Tools workflow in several ways. For one, Regions are now referred to as “Clips”.

Audio clips can have their individual gain adjusted separate from the track fader position and without using the standard solution of the Audiosuite gain plugin. Like many region (now clip!) properties, you must show this ” Clip Gain Info”  from the View menu.






Simply click on the lower left portion of the region and you’ll see a small fader for adjusting gain. The gain changes and waveform redraw happen in real-time–no waiting.






The new Pro Tools 10 keyboard shortcut Shift + Control + up/down arrow will nudge the clip gain up or down by an amount set in the Preferences for Editing–the default is .5 db.







Just as you can show the Clip Gain info on the bottom of each audio clip, you can show the Clip Gain Line–a volume envelope–on each region. This is also accessed in Pro Tools 10 from the View menu>Clip.






Again, this is separate from the track volume, and has breakpoints, just as other automation envelopes in Pro Tools.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been hoping for this feature for a long time. Pro Tools is one of last of the major DAWs to incorporate clip-based gain. It really does make editing and mixing much easier, without having to write track automation or print Audiosuite effects. Stay tuned for more new feature of Pro Tools 10!

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