New Pro Tools HD Native!

On October 6, 2010, in Music Technology, ProTools Tutorials, Uncategorized, by Daniel Rowland

Ok, so you knew this was coming….or maybe you didn’t, but regardless, it’s here. Pro Tools HD Native. Instead of relying on expensive chip-based cards, the new Pro Tools HD software relies on…well, a less expensive card. Here’s the deal.
Computers are much faster now than when Pro Tools HD was released 8 or so years ago. The need for expensive, dedicated cards for DSP is less, and the competition for market share is much greater now, with Logic, Reaper, Cubase/Nuendo, Digital Performer, Sonar, and even FL Studio offering up competitive DAWs. You can get a lot of DSP mileage out of a quad/octo core computer and a decent amount of RAM.

Avid needed to have a middle ground between the “Pro Tools lite” of LE and the $10,000+ beast that is an HD1/2/3 system. The answer is a cheaper version of the HD cards without the chips to run TDM plugins, but with the ability to run the fully functioning version of Pro Tools.This includes delay compensation, by the way. You can (well, you have to) use current or legacy Pro Tools HD interfaces with the new card–meaning at 192 IO, 96 IO, Omni, Avid HD, etc.

So, we’re happy, right?! Well, yes and no. Kudos to Avid for taking a step in the right direction. The ballpark $3000 for the Native card is certainly less that the cost of an HD Core card. However “Native” (at least as I typically think of the term) wouldn’t require a $3k card to run…but this does, so take that for what it’s worth. I think of a native piece of software as one that runs on your computer’s internal processor…and costs money. Avid is in the business of selling hardware, so they’ve essentially tied the HD software to an expensive dongle (an admitted oversimplification). Love it or hate it, they have had–up until recently–a foolproof form of copy-protection with that. Of course, a cracked version of HD was released during the development of this HD Native platform–something that must’ve driven developers nuts. Check out one of my previous posts for more on that little conundrum.
I’ll keep you updated as this is officially released by Avid.

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