Pro Tools 10 has a number of small changes over Pro Tools 9. For instance, Pro Tools 10 supports the use of multiple file formats and bit depths within the same session. Prior to 10, if you opened the Session Setup Window, you would get information about your session sample rate, bit depth, and file format. However, you could not change those properties of your session


Pro Tools 9


In Pro Tools 10, this window looks a bit different:

Pro Tools 10

Notice that you now get dropdown menus to change bit depth and audio file format. You can even dynamically change whether the session works with stereo interleaved files, or deinterleaves them into .L and .R files. The one setting that remains unchangeable is the sample rate.

Keep in mind that running a Pro Tools 10 session with multiple file formats and bit depths (as well as interleaved files) will make backwards compatibility with Pro Tools 9 a bit of a chore. You’ll need to perform a Save Copy In to covert all the audio media to the consistent format expected in Pro Tools 9, not to mention saving a .ptf session file, as Pro Tools 10 defaults to saving in the new .ptx format that is not recognized by Pro Tools 9. More on the various new file formats in another post!

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